As fiduciaries, we are legally required to act in the best interest of our clients. We also must attempt to eliminate all potential conflicts of interest, and when that isn't possible, must fully disclose all conflicts to clients. This is important as many financial advisors, wealth managers, brokers, and financial professionals are not legally required to put clients interests first, like we are.


There are two separate standards that govern those that give financial advice. The first is the fiduciary standard, which we must legally abide by, and the second is the suitability standard. Financial professionals who operate under the suitability standard are required to choose investments that are appropriate for a client, but do not have to choose or recommend the best option. This means that advisors are able to, and unfortunately often do, recommend the high cost or commission investment over a better, lower cost alternative. In short, they do not have to put clients best interest before their own. 

  • An advisor must place his or her interest below that of the client. 

  • An advisor is prohibited from buying securities for his or her account prior to buying them for a client. 

  • An advisor must do his or her best to make sure investment advice is made using accurate and complete information. The analysis must be as thorough as possible.

  • An advisor must avoid conflicts of interest. As a fiduciary, an advisor must disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest. 


  • Investment recommendations must be appropriate based on the client’s circumstances.

  • Advisors must attempt to gather relevant information to help determine if an investment recommendation or series of recommendations are suitable.

  • The advisor’s loyalty is to the broker-dealer, not the client.



Our fiduciary views go far beyond our legal obligations. We understand that our clients choose to work with us not just because of our expertise but also our ethics, honesty, transparency, and values. Some intentional decisions we've made to better align our interests with those of our clients:

  • WE ARE 100% FEE BASED. We receive no revenue from clients other than our transparent and agreed upon assets under management fee. 

  • WE HAVE NO REFERRAL RELATIONSHIPIS OR COMMITMENTS with any fund company, custodian, outside investment manager, insurance company, lawyers, accountants, or any professionals that may benefit from the sharing of clients or their information.

  • WE THINK YOUR UNIQUE VALUES AND BELEIFS MATTER. Our money has the ability to impact the world. We believe it is important to align clients portfolios not only with their financial situation but also their beliefs and values.