Being different doesn't always mean we are better than competitors, but we feel the following traits, beliefs, and philosophies set us apart. 




"From inception, every decision has been made with investment performance and customization in mind. This mindset has resulted in us taking a slightly different approach to investing than many in our industry. The biggest difference is how we look at the little, time consuming, and tedious aspects of investing. They all have small impacts on performance, but when combined, can really make a difference. It's especially important because while the market is hard to predict, we can control these processes. To me, these are the things to be most proud of. Great performance records can often be attributed to a manager taking on excessive risks, and, if not, who knows if they will be able to repeatable outperform? But the little things, those are repeatable. 


We earn no revenue from commissions, referrals, kickbacks, prime broker fees, or custodian fees. Our compensation is from our transparent and agreed upon assets under management fee, which aligns our interest with our clients’. Additionally, in an effort to keep fees low, and to focus on serving existing clients, we pay no referrals to clients or other businesses.


We "sweat the little stuff," a lot. Small changes, tweaks, processes, and decisions can be the difference between great performance and good, or even bad, performance. The little stuff is also one of the few times in investing that you can control the outcome. While the market is unpredictable, we can control and put in place effective tax loss harvesting strategies, locate assets in the most tax efficient accounts, and be conscious about fees, which all contribute to after tax performance. 


It would be silly or lazy to think that there is a one size fits all investment model or strategy. We look at your unique and evolving financial situation, tax status, values, and goals to manage money in the best way, for you. This requires more time in getting to know each other up front but we've found this to be a valuable step in working together to accomplish your financial goals. 


We love talking about investing. Our only problem with it is finding someone with whom to share the conversation. Every decision made is based on evidence, research, and our commitment to performance, and is open to discussion.


Responsible investing has often been misunderstood as a tradeoff between returns and positively impacting the world. Many studies, research, and return data has shown that such a tradeoff does not exist. In the thirty years that responsible investing has been tracked, most responsible funds, indexes, and strategies have actually outperformed their benchmarks. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but sustainable, ethical, and responsible companies often are forward-looking, avoid fines and government regulation, attract better employees, and build strong brand equity with their customers.  


While we are always here to help with important financial decisions, we believe wealth managers' value lies in their ability to help clients reach their goals through investment performance. We strive to generate consistent above market after tax returns for our clients. 


It is our belief that staying small, over-serving existing clients, and focusing on investment performance is the best business practice for our clients. Being small is also best for customization to meet individual client needs and allows for quicker implementation of decisions to adapt to an ever-changing investment landscape.


In line with our commitment of doing the little things extremely well, we focus extensively on managing money in the most tax-efficient manner. Our primary strategy for doing so is a process called tax-loss harvesting. It allows clients to benefit after tax, while typically not affecting their pre-tax return. The process requires careful planning, a thorough understanding of investment tax rules and asset correlations, and a long-term view to get right.


While they aren't the most exciting co-workers to talk to, we employ a full suite of investment technologies in place of humans.  It's a hard reality for many to face but we do this because technology, when actively monitored, is simply better than humans at many common investment roles. This also allows us to focus on the important value added decisions that drive returns (asset allocation, security selection, tactical weightings etc.) and let our tech stack efficiently take care of the mundane, repetitive, and error prone tasks.